hi i'm Maeve.
    Currently studying for a bachelor's of science in Industrial Design at Virginia Polytechnical Institute and State University in Blacksburg, Virginia. Go Hokies! I plan to graduate in May of 2022. I am an avid and passionate maker. I like to say, "Design is part of my DNA." Since birth, my eyes have gravitated toward color, my brain analyzes the mechanics of the world, and my voice tells me how it all can be improved. I grew up in a very small town called Warsaw in rural Virginia on the Northern Neck. I lived in one old farmhouse my entire childhood and I yearned to see the world. This sheltering instilled in me a priceless paradox, the raw drive to experience the complicated world I never knew, but simultaneously the utmost respect for nature's simplicity. While attending Rappahnnock High School for my secondary education, I also attended the Chesapeake Bay Governors School for Marine and Environmental Science. There I learned how the tides turning, waves crashing, and grasses growing literally fuel the community around me. Being part of competitive sports teams at a young age and through high school, as well as a student manager at VT, forced me to learn the importance of collaboration and the weakness of a person standing alone. In our true essence humans are social beings and I have felt like the epitome of that statement. My greatest revaluations come through conversation. I crave interaction, love good natured colleges, and desire to push those around me to be better. Today, I continue to learn from the natural world, my peers, mentors, and experiences as I work to use my talents to promote a peaceful culture within humanity.